Car Tires: Replacement Signs & Necessary Maintenance

Many drivers don't think about their car's tires until one of them blows out. Fortunately, some common problems can be avoided by performing regular maintenance on them. Having tires that are worn down can increase your chances of getting into an accident, which is why it is so important to perform the following maintenance and look at the signs of replacement. Maintenance Tips Making sure your tires are properly inflated is key to ensuring that you do not have an unexpected blowout.

How To Ecologically Clean Unwanted Spoked Rims For An Herb Garden

If your spoked tire rims are in good condition, take them off before you haul your old vehicle to a salvage yard (such as Four-Twenty-Two Auto Wrecking). The spaces between the spokes make perfect sections for that herb garden that you have always wanted. The rims can be used in your yard, on your patio, apartment balcony, even in a corner of your kitchen after your clean and repaint them. It's a very cool way to separate your herbs and create a conversation piece at the same time!

How To Remove Ice From Your Windshield

If you have ice on your windshield, it is important to remove it before it causes serious damage. If you let the ice build up, it could eventually crack your windshield and require a replacement. Here are some ways to effectively remove ice without causing even more damage. Try an Ice Scraper or Squeegee Two tools that may work at removing the ice are an ice scraper or squeegee. The squeegee works best when you have a thin layer of soft ice on your windshield, as the rubber edge will help remove soft ice.

Tire Safety Information All New Drivers Need To Know

If you just purchased or were given your first vehicle, you need to know how to take care of your tires in order to stay safe on the road. Here are things all new drivers need to know about how to take care of the their tires: It Essential That Your Tires Are Properly Inflated You need to keep your tires properly inflated. There are numerous consequences that come with both under inflated as well as over inflated tires.

How To Convince Your Elderly Parent To Take A Refresher Driving Course

If your elderly parent is starting to become less safe behind the wheel, they might need a refresher driving course to keep themselves equipped to handle the road. Learning tips for safer driving and strategies for senior citizens to follow from a driving school, such as Shropshire Driving School, can help them stay updated. Here are four things that you can do to convince your elderly parent to take part in a driving school designed for older adults.