How To Convince Your Elderly Parent To Take A Refresher Driving Course

If your elderly parent is starting to become less safe behind the wheel, they might need a refresher driving course to keep themselves equipped to handle the road. Learning tips for safer driving and strategies for senior citizens to follow from a driving school, such as Shropshire Driving School, can help them stay updated. Here are four things that you can do to convince your elderly parent to take part in a driving school designed for older adults.

1. Make This a Part of Moving to a New State

If your parent has recently retired to a new area or state, you might want to incorporate a driving refresher course into their move. Try reminding them that there are different rules in different states, and they can benefit from newer driving laws and etiquette taught in driving school.

2. Driving School Will Keep Them on the Road Longer

Remind your parents that elderly adults are often at-risk drivers and if they are involved in an accident, their license can be revoked. They can take a course that reviews limitations such as avoiding driving at night and not driving on medications. Your parent will have much better luck at staying on the road for years to come with new defensive driving skills.

3. Make a Deal to Upgrade Their Vehicle

If your parent is willing will sign up for a refresher driving course, let them know that you'll upgrade their car. If your parent is driving an older car that isn't very safe, you can upgrade this to a newer sedan that has better safety features. If you are in a position where you can upgrade your parent's car, they will be happy and you won't lose sleep that your parent is driving around a less than safe vehicle.

4. Remind Your Parent About Insurance Discounts

Many insurance companies are beginning to offer up insurance discounts as an incentive program to get seniors to get refresher driver training and coursework under their belts. If your parent is on a limited budget, this might get them to take advantage of any insurance discounts that they can.

Eventually, your parent will need to give up their license if their sight goes or they become too much of a danger on the road. The hope is that driving courses for older adults will help them see their weaknesses and prepare for life without a license in the future. Anything that you can do to encourage your parent to stay on top of their driving techniques will hopefully keep them safer on the road.