Four Ways To Keep Your Teen Safer On Prom Night

It's almost that time of year that some parents dread – prom season. While you want to see your child have a great and memorable evening, you may also be concerned about their safety. In order to ease your stress, there are several things you can do; here are some of them.

Lay Down The Law

Before your son or daughter picks a tux, dress or even their date, make sure you are letting them know what their parameters are for the evening. The earlier you start handing out instructions, the more engraved in their mind the instructions will be and the better they can plan an enjoyable evening that fits well within your rules. Curfews, chaperons and the unfortunate penalties that come along with underage drinking are all great topics to begin with.

Talk About Dangers

Although it would be nice to live in a totally safe society, this is not the reality. It's helpful to talk about some of the dangers that can sometimes surface on prom night. You can use your child's maturity level as a gauge on what topics to discuss and how in-depth you need to go. This is also an excellent time to speak about peer pressure and how to resist it.

Hire A Limousine Service

For teen drivers, the risk of an accident increases based on the number of teen passengers in the car. If your child was to drive to the prom with a group of friends, their risk of an accident would escalate. Hiring a limousine service lowers this risk significantly. A chauffeur will pick up your teen and their friends, drop them off to the prom and any other destination, safely. This type of service doesn't just reduce accident risks, it also ensures your child isn't going anywhere they aren't supposed to. Consider a company like Extreme Limo & Shuttle Service for the evening.

Get Their Plan

The closer you get to the actual prom date, make sure you are getting a detailed itinerary from your child. In addition to the location and time of the prom, it's also important to get a clear idea of any after parties or other locations they plan to visit so that you can get the address and have a general idea what time they will be at these places. The more you know, the less stressful the evening will be for you and the better you can ensure their safety.

With these tips, your child can go out and enjoy their prom without you feeling overloaded with stress. Make sure you start planning early for the best results.