Four Ways To Keep Your Teen Safer On Prom Night

It's almost that time of year that some parents dread – prom season. While you want to see your child have a great and memorable evening, you may also be concerned about their safety. In order to ease your stress, there are several things you can do; here are some of them. Lay Down The Law Before your son or daughter picks a tux, dress or even their date, make sure you are letting them know what their parameters are for the evening.

How Fixing Your Vehicle Can Fix Your Life Overall

If your car gets a slight bump from a minor accident, you may not be in a hurry to fix it. If the damage is only slightly noticeable you may not be interested in fixing it at all. There are a few reasons why you should get bumps and dents repaired, regardless of how small they may look to you at the moment. Some of the reasons for keeping your car top notch are about auto body repair, but others are about your life in general.

How To Keep That New Car Smell, Look And Feel Even When Your Car Is No Longer That New

One of the things that people love most about new cars is the way they smell, look and feel. Unfortunately, most cars lose those smells, appearances and sensations not long after they roll off the lot. If you bought a new car not too long ago, you can recapture or preserve that new car smell, look and feel--here is how. New Car Smell New cars have certain smells about them. They smell of dusted dashboards and soft leather.

About Getting A Car With Transmission Problems Towed Via A Fleet Service

Are you afraid to drive your favorite car because it jerks a lot when you are driving? It sounds like you are dealing with a transmission problem, and you can hire a fleet service to tow your car to a mechanic if you are afraid driving it on your own will do more damage. Find out in this article why you should get a car with a transmission problem towed with assistance from a fleet service.

Is Your Tranmission Acting Shifty? What You Should Know About Shift Solenoid Issues

Your car's transmission relies on shift solenoids to help regulate the transmission fluid flow through the gears and transmission components. The plungers of those solenoids spend their entire usable life submerged in that fluid. Over time, the persistent exposure to particles and metal dust can lead to complete failure. Here are some things you should know about failing shift solenoids. Common Indications of a Damaged Solenoid If you're not familiar with the role of a shift solenoid, you may not know what happens when one fails.