How To Keep That New Car Smell, Look And Feel Even When Your Car Is No Longer That New

One of the things that people love most about new cars is the way they smell, look and feel. Unfortunately, most cars lose those smells, appearances and sensations not long after they roll off the lot. If you bought a new car not too long ago, you can recapture or preserve that new car smell, look and feel--here is how.

New Car Smell

New cars have certain smells about them. They smell of dusted dashboards and soft leather. The products the dealership uses to keep those smells in the vehicle are the same ones you can purchase from the dealership as a car care package, or from an auto parts and accessories store. When used once or twice a week, that new car smell stays with your vehicle. It also helps to keep food and other odors out of the vehicle so that the only odors you smell come from the care products you use. There are also "new car smell" air fresheners that you can hang from your rear view mirror or clip to your heating vents on your dash.

New Car Look

Frequent detailing is key to keeping your car looking like you just pulled out of the dealership's lot. Not only is the inside of the car cleaned, vacuumed, dusted and polished, but the exterior is also washed, waxed and protected against rust and corrosion. Some people prefer to do all of the detailing work themselves to save money, which is feasible now that there are many self-serve car washes available. If you baby your vehicle (as some people are wont to do), then it will continue to look new no matter how old it is. 

New Car Feel

You know how that car feels the first time you sit in the driver's seat (you know, before the seat molds to the shape of your derriere)? You can actually keep that sensation by having the springs in the seat tightened or replaced and having the seat reupholstered about once a year. You can also replace the seat entirely, since it may be less costly and time-consuming when a dealer can find a brand-new seat for your vehicle. It also helps to keep everything operating and in excellent condition so that the wheel, the brakes, the engine, the starter, the alternator, the ignition and even the radiator all act as a new car's parts typically do. This makes your car feel just as new as the day you bought it.