How To Remove Ice From Your Windshield

If you have ice on your windshield, it is important to remove it before it causes serious damage. If you let the ice build up, it could eventually crack your windshield and require a replacement. Here are some ways to effectively remove ice without causing even more damage. Try an Ice Scraper or Squeegee Two tools that may work at removing the ice are an ice scraper or squeegee. The squeegee works best when you have a thin layer of soft ice on your windshield, as the rubber edge will help remove soft ice.

How Auto Recyclers Generate Revenues

Auto recyclers are small businesses that specialize in the collection and dismantlement of old or abandoned vehicles. Over the past few years, they've gained popularity partly because their business operations help prevent the leaking of the toxic fluids present in cars into the environment. But auto salvage businesses are also very profitable. If you're interested in opening an auto salvage business like Miamitown Auto Parts & Recycling but you're hesitating because you don't know how revenues are generated, then keep on reading.

How To Make Paint Repairs On Your Car

Making repairs to your auto body is not all that difficult. Many people are intimidated by trying to work with metal. In reality, patching holes or dents on your car is actually quite simple. The hardest part of making these repairs is finishing them off with a professional-looking paint job. However, depending on the size of your patch, there are several easy ways to repaint a car. Fixing Rock Chips

The "Check Engine" Light And What You Should Do

Regardless of whether you are miles from home or sitting in your driveway, one of the worst things to experience is the "check engine" light. The light could be an indication of a simple problem or something more complex. Instead of panicking and immediately calling for an emergency tow, take some time to explore the meaning of the light and auto diagnostic checks: What Is the "Check Engine" Light? Of course you know the yellow light flashing on your dashboard demands you "

4 Roadside Emergency Must-Haves

Sometimes it takes an emergency to realize how ill-prepared you are. Don't let that happen to you. Include these four roadside emergency items on your to-do list to help ensure you get home safely. 1. Update your emergency contact numbers. You need more than just one emergency number in your cell phone. Program these emergency contact numbers into your cell phone. This will make sure you can call for help when you need it.