How To Make Paint Repairs On Your Car

Making repairs to your auto body is not all that difficult. Many people are intimidated by trying to work with metal. In reality, patching holes or dents on your car is actually quite simple. The hardest part of making these repairs is finishing them off with a professional-looking paint job. However, depending on the size of your patch, there are several easy ways to repaint a car.

Fixing Rock Chips

Fixing tiny dents and rock chips is easy. You just need to make sure you have the right paint. Most car dealerships and auto repair shops sell small, sample paints. These paints are usually sold according to the make, model and manufacturing year of the car. You can find a paint for nearly any mass-produced car. Using these paints is simple because the canister has a brush built into the lid. You just brush on to make small touch ups on the affected area. If you want to make your touch up look even better, you can use a high-grit wet sandpaper to smooth out the paint once it dries. This will make the painted area blend in better with the rest of the car.

Fixing Large Areas

For painting large areas on your car you will need to use a spray can. Of course, do not just use any standard spray paint on your car. Just like small touch up paint canisters, you can usually find auto paint spray cans in most standard factory colors. If you cannot find your factory color, you can go to a specialty paint shop and they can match your car color and produce a spray can. However, if you're spending this much money for custom paint, you might as will just have the paint shop do the actual painting for you as well.

The key to repainting your car with a spray can is to properly mask off the area around it. You can find painter's tape that is specifically designed to be used on cars or metal objects. Do not just mask off the area immediately around the part you are painting. Mask off a larger area so you have room to blend the new paint in. After painting with a spray can, you want to polish the area with a power buffer. This will give the surface the appropriate sheen to match the rest of the car.

If you have the right tools and paint, there's no reason that you cannot make professional looking paint repairs to your own car. Speak with professionals like Slipstream Autocare for more information.