3 Ways To Protect Fiberglass Truck Parts

Whether you have decided to put a new hood on your classic truck or are just replacing the fenders, if you are using fiberglass classic truck parts, you need to know how to care properly for them. Proper care can help you avoid oxidation and damage. Here are some ways you can protect and care for fiberglass truck parts.

Wax or Polish the Fiberglass

Over time, exposure to wind and rain can cause fiberglass to start looking faded, due to oxidation. One of the easiest ways to avoid this and preserve your fiberglass parts is to wax them regularly. Wax leaves a fine protective film on your truck, so that oxidation is less likely.

If you already have some oxidation on the fiberglass, take a few minutes to do some rubbing and buffing before you apply wax to that spot. That way, you can avoid further oxidation.

Polish can also be used for more stubborn oxidation problems. Polish, unlike wax, usually contains abrasives that can help you get rid of oxidized spots.

Paint or Wet Sand Areas of Oxidation

If you're unable to buff out areas of oxidation with wax and polish, it may be time to paint or wet sand your classic truck. How do you know which to do? If you are able to see individual fibers and remove them, paint the truck to avoid further corrosion and damage.

If you can't pull out those fibers, wet sanding is a better choice. Wet sanding is a process that uses high grit sandpaper that has been soaked in water; usually this process is best done in a body shop, because of how much time it takes.

Avoid Heavy Loads

Your classic truck may be ready to carry loads, especially if you drive it on a regular basis, but be mindful of the amount of weight you put on a fiberglass hood or topper. Not only can too much weight place too much pressure on it, but improperly secured loads can cause scratches and other damage.

Be diligent about using the right equipment to make sure that loads are attached properly, and avoid carrying heavy loads often. Check with the manufacturer of your parts to determine if there are any weight limits you should be aware of.

Be sure to use the information in this article to help you preserve the fiberglass parts on your classic truck. When you use the tips above, you will be able to keep your truck looking great for years to come.