The Advantages Of Manual Transmissions

Manual cars are no longer the most common types of car available, as automatic transmissions quickly became prevalent due to their accessibility and ease of use. However, manual transmissions still offer a number of benefits over automatic transmissions. Understanding the advantages of a manual transmission can help you decide whether or not it would be the right fit for you.

Maintenance: Manual transmissions tend to be much easier to maintain and cheaper to repair at shops like Brighton Automotive Inc than automatic cars, as they do not have as many complex parts. The greater amount of parts in an automatic transmission and the increased complexity of those parts makes it much more likely for something to go wrong. Additionally, manual transmission parts in general tend to be much cheaper than automatic transmission parts, because of the absence of computer chips and other complex parts. Additionally, manual transmissions use oil for lubrication instead of transmission fluid, which lasts much longer and requires replacement at a much slower rate than automatic transmissions. Less maintenance means less long run costs, which help lower the cost of a vehicle with a manual transmission over time, making manual transmissions a more economical option.

Fuel Economy: Manual transmissions provide a much better fuel economy than automatic transmissions, as the computers used in automatic transmissions are simply not as efficient as human drivers and require more resources to operate. The difference in fuel economy will depend on the vehicle in question as well as the driving conditions, but in most cases can be quite significant, which will cut down on your fuel costs over time.

Price: Manual transmission cars tend to be much less expensive than automatic transmission cars, despite their increasing rarity, because not as many people can drive them and because they have much less expensive parts. This means that manual transmission cars are much more accessible to most drivers, provided that you know how to drive a stick shift, and offer a reliable option to those operating under a budget.

Control: Manual transmissions offer a greater degree of control over your car, and allow you to brake, accelerate, and shift gears much more efficiently than automatic transmission vehicles. This provides you with a level of performance that is hard to replicate with an automatic transmission, and allows you to control your car exactly how you want to. There is a reason that all Formula One cars have manual transmissions in them.