How To Prepare And Store Your Tires For A Long Time

What do you do if you have some tires you want to store for a few months? If you just throw them into your garage, then you are exposing them to many sources of damage. Here is what you need to do if you want to keep your tires safe for a long time:

Keep Them Clean

Cleaning your tires before storage isn't just for appearance's sake; it is good for them. The road dust, brake dust, dirt, grease, and all other kinds of gunk can corrode your tires and rims. Even if they don't look visibly dirty, you should still clean them to remove all traces of dirt.

The dirt contains chemicals that can deteriorate the rubber. Using an approved tire cleaner ensures that you don't expose them to harsh chemicals.

Wrap Them in Airtight Bags

Tires are best stored in airtight places. The vacuum prevents the rubber's lubricating oil from evaporating and leaving the tire dry and damaged. You don't have to buy custom bags for this purpose; plastic bags, such as garden bags, are very good for this purpose. Remove as much air as possible from the bags, dip the tires inside, and seal them with tape.  

Place Them Appropriately

How you actually store the tires depend on whether they are mounted on their rims or not. Options for storing tires on rims include stacking (but not too high) or hanging them up on hooks. The unmounted tires should never be stacked, but rather standing upright.

Keep them Away from the Sun

It is also a good idea to store tires away from direct sunlight. Remember that tires are black, and black things tend to absorb more heat energy compared to objects of lighter colors. Heat and the sun's ultraviolet rays accelerate the breakdown of rubber, which means your tires may be useless after a long period of storage in the sun. If you can't take them to a temperature-controlled storage place, then you can use your basement or workshop.

If something happens to your storage area and exposes the tires to weather elements, then they may be damaged before you can use them again. In that case, it might be a good idea to buy replacement tires. Using weak tires puts your life and the lives of other road users in danger. For tire service, visit a place like Jafstram Imported Car Service, where they can do the work for you.