Trick Out Your New Commercial Truck With These Personalization Tips

Finding a quality, commercial truck that fits your needs as a truck driver is important. However, after you make that purchase, you'll definitely want to take some time to make the truck your own. Since you'll be spending a significant amount of time in your truck, personalizing it will make it feel more like home when you're on the road. Use these tips for tricking out your truck, both on the inside and the outside.

Tips for Personalizing the Interior

Personalizing your commercial truck's interior is all about improving your comfort, and you'll also want to add some touches that reflect your own personal style. Make the interior your own with the following tips:

  • Swap Out the Seats for Optimum Comfort – The seats in your new semi may feel great initially, but how will they feel after hours of driving? Consider swapping out the current seats for custom seats that offer optimum comfort. You can add heated seats, air ride seats, swivel seats, or massage seats.
  • Add Surround Sound and Satellite for the Best Entertainment Experience – You need to have some down time when you're trucking, so consider personalizing your truck with surround sound and satellite. Satellite service offers you television, internet, and radio, ensuring that you stay entertained when you're not driving.
  • Customize Your Dash and Gauges – When you're driving, you'll spend most of the day looking at the road and your gauges. Make the dash and gauges your own by choosing a chrome dash or unique gauges that suit your sense of style.
  • Consider Adding a Custom Sleeper – If you're an over-the-road trucker and you're on the road for weeks at a time, consider adding a custom sleeper to your truck. Larger custom sleepers add extra room so you can have extra features in your sleeper, such as a bathroom, a washer, and a dryer.

Tips for Personalizing the Exterior

Tricking out the exterior of your new truck will ensure that you're noticed on the road. Try these tips and ideas:

  • Add Dual Chrome Stacks – Chrome always make a truck stand out, and dual chrome stacks will give your truck a whole new look.  
  • Purchase Customized Mud Flaps – Even the mud flaps on your truck can be personalized. Choose your favorite design and then make them stand out with chrome mud flap accessories.
  • Install Cabin/Sleeper Light Bars – If you want your truck to stand out, even in the dark, add some custom lights to the truck. Cabin or sleeper light bars will light up your truck, and you can find them in different colors and designs.
  • Add a Custom Hood Ornament – Custom hood ornaments offer one of the most popular ways to trick out your truck's exterior. Popular options include bulldogs, trucker girls, Texas bullhorns, and skulls.

After you invest in a commercial truck, such as from Arrow Truck Sales, personalizing your truck is a great idea. While you'll be spending a bit more money, it's worth it to drive in comfort while making sure your truck stands out from the thousands of semis on the road today.